We say all too often that we wish our children would stay little forever. This embodies so much of our passion. As parents, we want to freeze time and remember every little moment. Our kiddos grow too fast and while we cannot stop time, what we can do is document it.  Record it.  Create a tangible piece of art that we can only hope our own great great grandchildren will hold in their hands. This is what drives our passion to capture families at all their stages in life. We are blessed to be able to capture these moments of our own children and would be honored to capture yours.

Kansas City Family, Maternity & Newborn Photographer 

We met in a hotel lobby bar in 2013 at a photography convention in Atlanta, Georgia.  Here we are, 10 years later, with twin boys added into the mix (4 BOYS!!!) and it is TRULY pure bliss.  It is my favorite love story of all time and if you ever ask me about it, it will take me awhile to stop talking.  

When Ted joined the team in 2013 (aka quit his job and moved to Colorado) this business truly blossomed. We shot every session together, spent every day side by side, editing and doing all the behind the scenes work. We never missed a beat, truly...but, in the last 4 years, well...life gave us a few speed bumps. After a tough twin pregnancy that included 10 weeks of bedrest and our preemie twins arriving at 33 weeks, we decided it was time to make a change, which meant Ted making a big pivot in his career.  You may no longer see Ted at sessions, but I promise you he is cheering me on and helping whenever I ask him to.  

Life truly happens in a blink of an eye and we are here to capture it all.

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Lora does it all and does it all impeccably. Her creative eye is undeniable, and her personality has a way of putting everyone at ease (yes, even those wild toddlers!) My whole family has grown to love Lora and we will be forever grateful to her for capturing some of the most amazing moments on camera.

Lora has photographed every special moment of my life: engagement, wedding, and multiple family moments. She started off as our photographer and then grew into a friend. Lora is professional, passionate, and always willing to capture the perfect picture,

There is no one who can match Lora’s artistic eye and ability to connect to my kid during photos. She’s been taking my daughters pics since she was <1yo and now, at 11yo - every single set is better than the last! I am constantly amazed by her work! Lora’s clients are raving fans, and this is why. 

We have experienced the beauty of Lora & Ted in both business and personal settings. Their work is top notch, creative, stunning. Lora is every Mom’s dream come true....creating memories of seconds in time that will be cherished indefinitely.

"Forever grateful"

"GREW Into a friend"

"Constantly amazed"

"top notch"

Family Photography, Maternity Photography, and Newborn Photography for the Kansas City Area


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